Even Stars Need Coaches

Intentionally create your life.


Fearlessly pursue your best life.

Wayfinders empowers women leaders to chart their own course to success.

You have succeeded at every level.

You’re accomplished, intelligent, and ambitious. You have checked all the boxes and followed the established path that assured success:

✔ Topnotch Education

✔ Killer Career

✔ Beautiful Family

Your boss loves you because you make them look GOOD. Your partner loves you because you make their life easier. You are a hard worker, a loyal employee, an industry leader and great mom.

In short - you’re a star.

So what’s missing?
Why don’t you feel successful?


Perhaps it’s that you are not progressing as quickly as you’d like at work. Or perhaps you need more flexibility in your work life to put greater focus on your home life. Or maybe you simply need to be more intentional about how you invest your time.

You are a perfectionist and have been able to catch every curve ball thrown your way - yet you can’t seem to manage your demanding day job with your equally demanding night job.


You’re on call 24/7 and dangerously close to burning out.


I’ve been there too.

Drinking from the fire hose at work. Trying to be a supportive spouse and a loving mother. Juggling civic engagements and social commitments. How could I possibly be so busy all the time and never get ahead? That’s when I decided to get intentional with my time.

You want to enjoy a purposeful career, to invest more energy in your well-being and in your family, and to intentionally build a life that you can look back on with pride.     


You Want to Shine Bright Without Burning Out.