I believe that you can shine bright without burning out.


Hi Friend!

I’m Sarah-Nell Walsh, and I empower accomplished women to fearlessly chart their own course to success.

Do you feel like you’re expending all your energy running on a hamster wheel but not getting anywhere?  Do you have barely enough time to do your job and put your kids to bed before crashing yourself (or worse, logging back in)?  I can relate. As a partner in an AmLaw 100 firm, I climbed the never-ending ladder. My hard work and long hours were rewarded with harder work and longer hours.  Until I said, ENOUGH!

As an associate in “Big Law,” I busted my butt checking all the boxes.  Billable Hours. Credentialing. Pro Bono. Firm Leadership. Industry Leadership.  Recruiting. Women’s Initiative.

I FINALLY made it to the TOP of the mountain - I was a partner!!

I loved being a lawyer. It suited me. I enjoyed solving complicated problems for my clients, serving as their trusted advisor, and collaborating with my brilliant colleagues.  I successfully navigated maternity leave twice - without missing a beat. Clients appreciated me because I made their lives easier. Firm management took notice because I demonstrated leadership in motivating a team to exceed client expectations.  

So, why did I feel like I was living someone else’s dream?

In the pursuit of being both the perfect partner and the Insta-perfect mom, I never quite measured up.  I was on call 24/ 7. When I was at work, I felt guilty about what was left undone at home. When I was at home, I felt guilty about all the work that needed to be done back at the office.  Somewhere along the way, I had lost my purpose and my joy for the sake of domestic peace and professional achievement. And, I wanted it back.

Something had to change.  If not now, when?

So, in a typically type-A way, I began to invest my time intentionally.  Of course, I continued to invest in my career success, but I started investing more time making memories with my family, creating strong friendships, fostering my faith, nurturing my health, and helping others.  I rediscovered what it was like to be a dynamic woman with dreams and purpose that had been buried under a mountain of commitment and the daily grind.  In this spirit, our family decided to foster - a dream we’d had for over a decade.  

Our first placement was two and a half year old twins.  There was no road map and precious few role models for two successful professionals to navigate the foster care system.  We lived in the moment and loved ferociously. We graciously accepted ALL the help our village offered. It was the hardest and most meaningful work I’ve ever done. And, when we said goodbye to the twins, I shattered into a million pieces.

When I finally put myself back together, the career I had built and nurtured for fourteen years felt like a dress that was two sizes too small.  

My work, which used to feel exciting and challenging, felt meaningless and inauthentic.  And, just like that, I decided to pursue my most favorite part of my day - mentoring women leaders to maximize their potential and fearlessly live their best lives - as my vocation.  

I was finally ready to prioritize myself and my dreams.

Like me, you are an accomplished woman with a million plates in the air.  You are torn between the career and the family that you love. You feel like you don’t have any time to yourself.  And, as powerful as you may seem, you feel like you are out of options.

You are NOT out of options. And, you do NOT have to accept that where you are now is all that there is!     

This is not the end of your journey - there is SO much more in store for you. You can find meaning and purpose at work AND at home.  I put my skills as a determined problem solver, trusted advisor, strategic thinker, and fierce advocate to work for each of my clients.  I am excited to help you envision and create your next chapter:


Mastering the game of life and work.

  • Getting that promotion or well-deserved raise.  

  • Transitioning your career.

  • Leading a team.

  • Ditching the guilt.  

  • Creating a personally meaningful, fulfilling, and impactful life.  

You have an idea of what you want your future to look like - now you need the clarity and courage to make it happen. I can help.

Ladies, contrary to conventional wisdom, we do not have to sacrifice everything we hold dear to achieve our professional goals. I offer high-touch, strategic advice and coaching to help you chart your own course to success. It’s time for you to shine bright without burning out.


Solving hard problems.  Together.

Sarah-Nell Walsh is a coach, mentor, speaker, + attorney. As Chief People Officer at Wayfinders, she is devoted to professional coaching and development. Her primary focus is on helping ambitious professionals create a stand out personal brand and cultivate strategic relationships so that they can advance their careers, develop high performing teams, and make their desired impact. Focused on the holistic success of her clients, she seeks to empower others to fearlessly live their best lives through powerful questions, wise counsel, and loving presence. Her strength is relationship building – helping a client identify and cultivate individuals for their “board of directors” - a powerful network of mentors, sponsors, allies, and friends who will propel them forward both personally and professionally. Prior to coaching, Sarah-Nell was a litigation partner at a 700+ attorney AmLaw 100 firm, where she was recognized as Mentor of the Year in 2016. In addition to numerous industry awards, she has been recognized as a Rising Star by Georgia Super Lawyers and named among the Legal Elite by Georgia Trend Magazine. Sarah-Nell graduated from the University of Virginia and received her Juris Doctorate from the College of William & Mary. She is a proud wife and mother to a ten year old boy, a six year old girl, and a (hopefully growing) number of foster children.