Even Stars Need Coaches

Custom Coaching: One Size Fits One

This four month custom program was designed with YOU in mind - the busy professional mom.  The greatest gift you can give yourself is time. Time to envision how you want the next five years to unfold. Time to get intentional about your priorities. Time to set measurable goals and commit to the actions necessary to achieve them.  You can fearlessly chart your own course to success. I’m here to help.

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I work one-on-one with women leaders to:


Master the Game of Life & Work

Helping you lead a more multidimensional and joyful life by negotiating flexibility, drawing and enforcing clear boundaries, engaging in self-care, delegating and outsourcing more effectively, and advocating for the compensation you deserve. How would it feel to confidently stride out the door on Monday morning with your briefcase in one hand and your child’s hand in the other?


Advance in Your Career

Helping you advocate for your advancement + level up in your career by articulating and showcasing your value proposition to the key decision makers. How would it feel to finally get over the hump and get that promotion you deserve?


Achieve Career Clarity

Helping you decide whether you can achieve your powerful purpose in your current position or whether your unique talents are better suited for another position. How would it feel for your work day to fly by because you have a position that is fully aligned with your unique strengths where you are deeply engaged and energized by what you are doing?

Custom Coaching Will Help You:


Custom coaching will help you shine bright without burning out.  

I do this work because . . .

  • I know what it’s like to be out-performing my position and frustrated by my lack of advancement.

  • I know what it’s like to feel like a failure, despite the objective evidence that I’m kicking butt and taking names.

  • I know what it’s like to have a job that feels two sizes too small and to dread going into the office on Monday.  

On the flip side, I know what it’s like to . . .

  • Fearlessly take the leap into a new career

  • Gain the flexibility I need to feel successful at work and at home

  • Watch my clients transform their mindsets, ignite their potential, and achieve their goals.

  • See my clients LIGHT UP as they begin to take action towards their dreams - listening to that little voice deep within.  

You are READY for Custom Coaching.  

Solving Hard Problems Together

It is my privilege to resoundingly recommend Sarah-Nell’s coaching. I never doubted that she was personally invested in my success. She knows how to boost your confidence and help you reach your goals through deliberate action. She is the person I call when I need to evaluate a new opportunity, decide whether career advancement aligns with my long-term goals, or navigate the best path forward in any situation. I have no doubt she has contributed to my success and confidence!
Jodi Taylor, Assistant General Counsel, Brasfield & Gorrie LLC

Here’s what to expect when you sign up for Custom Coaching with Wayfinders:


Strategic Plan

Before our initial power session, you will complete a guided strategic plan so we can maximize our time together.


Unlimited Email Access

Sometimes you need support between sessions. Don’t worry - I’m here for you. My coaching clients have a dedicated email box and are guaranteed a response within one business day.


Custom Coaching

Over the course of four months, you will receive 2 hours of coaching a month on YOUR schedule. Whether you prefer one 2 hour call a month or four 30 minute calls a month, these sessions are tailored to your needs and your goals.


Additional Resources

I am constantly learning and you should be too! Receive additional bonus resources, including recommended reading, podcasts, articles, and videos.


Power Session

Our intensive 90 minute power session will illuminate your big picture goals and bring clarity around your purpose in life and work. This session sets the course for the rest of your coaching.



I have a wide network of successful professional friends across the country who would be HAPPY to talk with you. They can give you unique and invaluable insight into your industry, company, or a desired career change.


Apply for Your 30 Minute Discovery Call

We’ll discuss what led you here, any questions you have, & ensure this program is right for you.


Our topics can include:



Mindset Work

You will develop success-building thoughts and behaviors to accelerate your professional growth. Mindset is key in mastering the game of life and work.

Career Transition

You will gain clarity on work that engages you, energizes you, and allows you to maximize your potential. We'll then chart out how to turn opportunities into offers, so you can make a living doing meaningful and engaging work that is aligned with your values.

Strategic Business Planning

You will set your goals and together we will chart a course for success by reverse-engineering the steps you’ll take to achieve them and developing metrics to quantify your results. What gets measured gets done.

Leadership Skills

You will improve your leadership and communication skills to more effectively motivate and inspire your team. We will work on effective delegation, setting expectations for your team, providing candid performance feedback, building trust, and delivering results.

Advocacy Work

You will have an advocate in your corner to help you review and negotiate complicated contracts that stand between you and your dreams - whether it be an employment agreement, a partnership agreement, or a lengthy lease. We will work together to determine your goals, identify the potential risk, and advocate for your needs.

Maternity Leave Planning & Re-Entry

You will have your baby with confidence knowing that everything is under control at work. We will prepare a detailed plan for the work that needs to be done while you’re on leave, set boundaries for your leave, and foster confidence that you will return full-strength after leave.

Onboarding a Career After An Extended Care Taking Leave

You will gain clarity on work that engages you, energizes you, and allows you to maximize your potential. We'll then define the career to pursue, brand you for it, present your qualifications, and showcase your value.


Still Have Questions?

I’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions below:

+ What if I don’t have the money?

For coaching to work, you must be fully invested. If making this investment in yourself is going to jeopardize your financial stability, it’s not the right time. However, if the coaching investment merely feels like a stretch, that’s a really good thing! We value the experiences that we have a stake in, and an investment in coaching is an investment in yourself. YOU are worth it. I know it’s scary, but there is that dream within you - where just thinking about it puts butterflies in your stomach. GO FOR THAT. And trust that the power within you will make it happen.

+ What if I don’t have the time?

Here’s the thing about business (+ life): you’ll never “have the time” unless you make it. I get it - you’re busy. But, let me ask you . . . Do you WANT that promotion? Do you NEED more flexibility? Do you DESIRE a full, multi-dimensional, joyful life? If the answer is yes, then stop putting it off. I know you feel like you can’t handle one more thing. But, coaching will help you develop the mindset and strategy to get a handle on ALL the things. All your long nights at the office have brought you here - to this place - and it is exactly the RIGHT TIME to invest in yourself and your holistic success.

+ Do you ever work with men?

YES, some of my favorite mentees have been men! I’ll be honest - my practice is geared towards the unique challenges that working moms face. But, if you are a man seeking to accelerate his career or master the game of life + work, I’d be happy to work with you!

+ Do you offer refunds?

No. Coaching requires an investment of time and resources from both the coach and the client. When there is a money back guarantee, it is too easy for a client to just try it out and see if it works. This laissez-faire attitude is not going to achieve results. I take my role as coach too seriously to work with clients who aren’t as committed to personal growth and achievement as I am.

Let me tell you a secret - you never feel ready to make a big change in your life. Did you feel “prepared” or “ready” at the birth of your first child? No way. You made a decision that you were going to be a great mom and you persistently showed up for every feeding, changed every diaper, soothed every tear. I challenge you to make the same decision now. Decide that YOU ARE WORTH IT and consistently and persistently show up for yourself over the next four months. And, you will be amazed by what you can accomplish when you fearlessly pursue your best life.

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