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The Power Session: Move Forward

This bite-size program was designed with YOU in mind - the busy professional mom.  In this power session, we’ll discuss your priorities - the things that matter most to you.  We will take a deep dive into your schedule - how you are currently spending your time and how that aligns with your priorities.  And finally, we will set measurable goals with deadlines, because a goal without a deadline is just a dream.

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Here’s what to expect when you sign up for a Power Session with Wayfinders, LLC:

A Power Session is intense, so we’ll begin with a quick call to ensure this is the best option for you.  Before we meet, you will complete Pre-Work, which allows me to gather intel on your specific challenges and goals and to ensure we make the most of our limited time together.  The session can be in person in Atlanta, Georgia, or by telephone or video-conference. During this powerful session, we will discuss your values and priorities - what matters most to you.  Using that lense, we will then face your challenges and goals head-on and determine an authentic way forward. You’ll leave the session with measurable goals and realistic deadlines so you can get right to work.

After the Power Session, you can take the next two weeks to check in over email as you tweak your goals and fine tune your deadlines. You will leave our session feeling more in control and ready to fearlessly pursue your best life!  

Solving Hard Problems Together

It is my privilege to resoundingly recommend Sarah-Nell’s coaching. I never doubted that she was personally invested in my success. She knows how to boost your confidence and help you reach your goals through deliberate action. She is the person I call when I need to evaluate a new opportunity, decide whether career advancement aligns with my long-term goals, or navigate the best path forward in any situation. I have no doubt she has contributed to my success and confidence!
Jodi Taylor, Assistant General Counsel, Brasfield & Gorrie LLC

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We’ll discuss what led you here, any questions you have, & ensure this program is right for you.


Our topics can include:



Mindset Work

You will develop success-building thoughts and behaviors to accelerate your professional growth. Mindset is key in mastering the game of life and work.

Career Transition

You will gain clarity on work that engages you, energizes you, and allows you to maximize your potential. We'll then chart out how to turn opportunities into offers, so you can make a living doing meaningful and engaging work that is aligned with your values.

Strategic Business Planning

You will set your goals and together we will chart a course for success by reverse-engineering the steps you’ll take to achieve them and developing metrics to quantify your results. What gets measured gets done.

Leadership Skills

You will improve your leadership and communication skills to more effectively motivate and inspire your team. We will work on effective delegation, setting expectations for your team, providing candid performance feedback, building trust, and delivering results.

Advocacy Work

You will have an advocate in your corner to help you review and negotiate complicated contracts that stand between you and your dreams - whether it be an employment agreement, a partnership agreement, or a lengthy lease. We will work together to determine your goals, identify the potential risk, and advocate for your needs.

Maternity Leave Planning & Re-Entry

You will have your baby with confidence knowing that everything is under control at work. We will prepare a detailed plan for the work that needs to be done while you’re on leave, set boundaries for your leave, and foster confidence that you will return full-strength after leave.

Onboarding a Career After An Extended Care Taking Leave

You will gain clarity on work that engages you, energizes you, and allows you to maximize your potential. We'll then define the career to pursue, brand you for it, present your qualifications, and showcase your value.